The Importance of Regular Immunizations

Here at the McAllen and Edinburg, TX, offices of best pediatrician Dr. Zavala-Spinetti, we provide an assortment of services to help your child maintain optimal overall health. One of the key elements to our healthcare approach pertains to immunizations, administrations that help prevent the development of diseases and infections. Read on to learn more about the importance of regular vaccinations, and for a complete immunization schedule, please visit our website.

What Exactly is a Vaccine?

Each element in a vaccine serves the purpose of providing immunity to protect someone from disease. They are safe, as well as long-lasting. Making sure that your child receives their vaccinations on time can save them from a potentially life-threatening illness, as well as dangerous health complications, such as whooping cough, limb paralysis, and measles. Immunizations also help curb the spread of disease. If you decide to delay, ignore, or refuse some vaccines entirely, there could be severe health consequences for you as well as your child.

The Importance of Regular Immunizations 

Your immune system is continuously defending itself to fight foreign germs and keep you in excellent health. If you don't receive scheduled immunizations, life-altering changes may occur.

Vaccines are exceptionally safe, effective, and life-saving. Some disease-specific ones are combined so that the child receives fewer shots. If the population stopped receiving regular immunizations, epidemics from early points in history, like smallpox, raises the risk of return. If you have any misconceptions about vaccinating your child, please schedule a consultation so our pediatrician can address your concerns.

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